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Mindfulness based counselling & psychotherapy.

Online, by telephone and in-person

Difficult feelings

A safe space for you to talk about the things that are upsetting you

Dealing with tough situations

A confidential place for you to discuss what’s happened in your life, past and present

Finding out who you are

Regular time for you to explore your inner world and how you relate to those around you

Discovering what's next

Help to consider what you want from your life and support to move forward

My approach

*** Taking new clients online and on telephone ***


I know how difficult it can be to ask for help at times and these are very strange times indeed.  Covid-19 and the lockdown may be causing all sorts of difficult feelings to come up for you whether you are staying home, or an essential worker out and about daily. You’ve already taken the first step by getting online and looking for some help.

I offer video and telephone counselling and psychotherapy services at times to suit you.

I aim to provide a safe space for you to explore what’s going on. Whether you feel low, anxious, confused or unhappy you’ve come to the right place. I work in a way that puts your needs at the heart of the work we do together.

Sometimes our feelings are hard to speak about and perhaps you don’t know how you feel, just that something doesn’t seem right. I work creatively and mindfully, using visualisation, art materials and mindfulness techniques.

I work in a very inclusive way with people with all kinds life experiences, backgrounds, identities and cultures. It is your experience of life that I am interested in, and I aim to help you to gain some insight, understanding and strength in your own life.

About me

I have spent over 30 years helping people deal with difficult issues in their lives having started as a volunteer with The Samaritans at 18 years old. Since then, I have worked almost exclusively in the voluntary / charity sector.

Julia Gillies

Photo by Rowan Williams

My qualifications

  • MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy, Birmingham City University (2020)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy, Birmingham City University (2019)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy, Birmingham City University (2018)
  • Graduate Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy, Birmingham City University (2017)
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills, University of Birmingham (2000)

Professional memberships 

*Trainee membership

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